Remarkable: while FIFA bans the Tomorrowland shirt of the Red Devils, it does sell the hats in the official fan shop

While FIFA has banned the Tomorrowland shirt that the Red Devils would wear during the warm-up, a hat with the exact same print is for sale in the official FIFA shop in Doha. Cost price: 30 euros. A strange finding, but there is an explanation for it.

Michael Van Damme and Jürgen Geril

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FIFA not only banned rainbow bracelets and the message “LOVE” in the white away shirt of the Red Devils, but also the multicolored warm-up shirt that the Red Devils would wear at the World Cup. FIFA has a problem with the link with Tomorrowland. The shirts are seen as hidden advertising for the dance festival.


But our reporters on the spot were surprised to find that the hats in exactly the same print are sold in the official FIFA shop. Cost price: 30 euros.

There is an explanation for it. If the Red Devils were to wear it, it would be seen as surreptitious advertising, but the garments in the Tomorrowland print will remain available to fans. The white shirt with the “LOVE” message may also be sold to fans, producer Adidas said.

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