Carlos Tevez, surrounded by Raúl Gordillo and Ricardo Carloni, in his assumption as DT of Rosario Central.  Photo: AFP

“Today I am the Secretary of Sports of the City. It is not about resigning or not resigning. I have a very great responsibility with the head of Government”. Thus, in 27 words, Carlos Retegui declared his fidelity to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta on Wednesday and made it clear that for the time being he will not accompany Carlos Tevez in his adventure as coach of Rosario Central.

Retegui, 52, assured that his role in the Buenos Aires government is “incompatible” with being part of the coaching staff of the former Boca footballer. The “Chapa” fulfills his second experience in politics in the area of ​​Sports of the City after serving as councilor of the Front of All (2015-2019) in the Buenos Aires city of San Fernando, his place of origin.

“I am a personal friend of Tevez. A week ago Central had a technician and this project came out overnight”he maintained in statements to the radio Rock&Pop.

Carlos Tevez, surrounded by Raúl Gordillo and Ricardo Carloni, in his assumption as DT of Rosario Central. Photo: AFP

Asked about the possibility of some political pressure not to leave his post, the winner of the gold medal as coach of the men’s field hockey team at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, stated: “No one from politics called me to squeeze me “.

And he added: “There are many families that depend on me and I do not leave overnight leaving people on the street.”

The former coach of Las Leonas stated that “Rosario Central is one of the biggest teams in the world” and left the door open on the possibility of joining Tevez’s project in the future.

“We’ll see. In everything that can accompany Carlos, I will accompany him”he concluded.

“It is very difficult for him to be able to take care of Central 100% because of his commitment to his task in the City. He cannot do both. He loves Tevez, he is going to advise him, he is going to accompany him, but not being on the day to day,” they specified from Retegui’s environment in the Buenos Aires government.

Apache World

The Apache assumed this Tuesday the leadership of the “scoundrel” campus accompanied by the physical trainer Martín Traversi and his brothers Miguel, Diego and Adrián Tevez as collaborators.

Asked about Retegui’s situation, the former Boca player replied: “He is part of this project, he is in a situation where he has to leave his original position, but he will be with us.”

Who will now be Tevez’s right hand man in El Canalla? Although it is not yet confirmed, all roads lead to Walter Erviti, who comes from having a long, although not very fruitful, experience in Atlanta.

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