Reviews |  Lightyear, science fiction that makes the beloved character grow

We are facing the history of the origin of buzz lightyearthe hero who inspired the toy that was unveiled in 1995 with toy storyand that gave fame to the legendary Space Guardian that would end up with generations of fans.

This is a direct descent to plunge into a science fiction adventure, there is no other possibility. All the rest of the cinematographic genres -comedy, drama, action- are subjugated to that primordial branch with which Pixar decided to convene on this occasion, and with it embraces all the splendor of the character that sustains it, that figure in white, green and purple inspired by Edwin Eugene Aldrin, astronaut member of the Apollo 11 mission that reached the Moon in 1969.

Gone is the experience with the toys, here is a bet that probably would have worked as a live action bet, but it stays in the animation to exploit its full potential. And boy did he have material to offer.

What previously drove the personality of the toy so beloved of toy story, now takes on a new life, thanks to the movie that turned Andy into a Buzz Lightyear fan, because that’s precisely what we see. The positive thing is that those responsible for the delivery were very clear that the most succulent meat of the plot was not in portraying an infallible hero, but in a being who makes proud mistakes and assumes the consequences of it. That ends up illustrating the profile of a noble figure, worthy of admiration and who, in their efforts to improve the adverse scenario in which they find themselves, is capable of accepting both their strengths and weaknesses.

how is the movie buzz lightyear?

The bulletproof action figure of the eighties, no matter how much nostalgia it generates in us, seems to have become obsolete in the face of legends that necessarily rest on their emotions, not only to fulfill the responsibility of fulfilling the mission, but also to recognize the others that complete it, that complement it. The positive message that Lightyear leaves trickles from all his perspectives: a call to teamwork, to come together in community, and to put aside the selfishness of individualism..

And the form of that background accompanies the point of dazzling in its aesthetics, in its designs, in its sound. True, it draws from many previous installments of the science fiction universe in popular culture: 2001: A Space Odyssey screams at you at times, the mechanical aesthetics of Aliens says present, starwars threat in landscapes. While the imitation/tribute to scenes from the saga They Story with minor modifications to their angles, they break through at times. But the references do not eat away at the original proposal; which is absolutely positive.

The sense of adventure is total and there are few opportunities in which Lightyear decays. The setbacks go hand in hand with the abuse of the clumsiness of some secondary characters; attempts to reinforce comic reliefs that become repetitive; or, on the other hand, the inevitable hooks for a continuity that unfortunately are linked to a feeling of total security for those involved in the eyes of the viewers, so little is risked in the dispute against evil.

Now, that there are surprising moments, there are. In fact when the Space Guardian suit reaches its full form, give it a round of applause for how they figured it out. At the same time that Michael Giacchino surprises with a melodic identity for Buzz, after coming on autopilot from Jurassic World: Dominion. The composer revives and puffs his scores to dust them off of conformity, creating something that feels epic on screen.

Lightyear presents a different Buzz, certainly with the tricks and obsessions that made him so lovable in the toy saga, but that grows with a plot support that makes the film sufficiently complex and interesting in its emotional and technical devices, not to be a mere box office instrument. And despite playing it safe It also ends up being a work with great personality.

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