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The Dan Trachtenberg film debuted on the Star+ streaming service.

Amber Midthunder shines in Predator: The Prey.
© DisneyAmber Midthunder shines in Predator: The Prey.

Predator: The Prey (Prey) is the story of Naru, a fierce and highly skilled young warrior who grew up in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters to roam the Great Plains. When danger threatens her camp, she sets out to protect the people from it. The prey she stalks and ultimately confronts turns out to be an evolved alien predator with a technically advanced arsenal, leading to a cruel and terrifying showdown between the two adversaries.

The film already feels fresh when it is located in a different space and time than the one that the saga had been chasing from the second installment onwards.. The urban, the hunt in the concrete jungle, the overload of technology, a very different uncharted futuristic planet. The plot goes straight back in time, to the early 1700s. Sure, there is a history of the presence of the Predators at that time.

This strips the protagonists of the main defense resources against the alien, returning the challenge and competition for survival to a primitive and visceral state. That, through a canvas of natural landscapes as beautiful as they are intimidating; good combination that is achieved with the photography of Jeff Cutter, who neither does it tremble when it comes to showing the confrontations and finding new angles to surprise by increasing the sense of danger, as in the chase in the grassland.

Predator: The Prey | How is the new movie in the saga?

The fear of the unknown here is more powerful. Naru’s insecurity is breathed as she tries to understand the creature that is hunting them and that, in the most humane attitude possible, only finds meaning in “legends to scare children”, which makes her the target of ridicule. Even so, her instinct does not betray her and her perseverance leads her to meet directly with the horror. The bear scene is poetically brutal as it drowns in its face of astonishment and fear.

The protagonist is put to the test not only by the antagonist but also by the macho conventions of her culture, opening perspectives and ideas beyond the hunt seen on screen. Curiously, she makes a portrait of a distant past, whose archaic forms of relationship still remain entrenched in human nature today -or perhaps it is even a comment on the macho humor that populated the previous film in the saga-.

That is realizing that Prey wants to be more than just a sci-fi western without cowboys. There are emotions involved and invested, every goal is not achieved without sacrifice. That’s why the dispute becomes more intense, it becomes even more interesting, in Patrick Aison’s script.

Amber Mid Thunder He had already shown his abilities in the Marvel Legion series and wanted to leave something in The Ice Road, but now with the main role proves his potential in an adventure that never misses a beat, is always on track and keeps you on the lookout for the next trick up his sleeve.

Charged with an action that does not seek to contain itself in levels of brutality, Predator: The Preyit is a great addition to the alien saga as it has not been seen for a long time, perhaps since the original film. The only negative aspect that this premiere does have is that it could not be seen in the cinema; a thorn in the heart of the most fanatical.

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