RFC Liège will play the playoffs for the D1B

Perbet thought he had opened the scoring in the 12th minute but was flagged offside on an assist from Mouhli. But it wasn’t a postponement. In an ultimately unexciting match, Liège finally opened the scoring via its top scorer shortly before the break. And he even doubled the bet!

At the start of the second period, Delbergue was caught in the area but missed his penalty, saved by Debaty. In the 70th, Jordan Bustin, author of an excellent match, drove the point home. Felix saved the honor with a goal that fell out of nowhere.

The Sang et Marine finish the classic phase in the lead and will therefore play the playoffs whatever happens in the Dender affair, thanks to the favorable results of the other meetings.

Cork: Debaty; Nyssen, Bustin, Lambot, Ronvaux; Reuten, Bruggeman (90th Cavelier) Mouchamps (78th Prudhomme), Mouhli (84th Van den Ackerveken), Lallemand (78th Besson), Perbet.

olympic: Moriconi, Corneille, Felix, Lioka, Cottet (69th Marquis), Guedj (87th Mansouni) Ito (69th Pereira), Zorbo (55th Ghesquiere), Delbergue, Dahmane, Vanderbecq (55th Khaida).

Arbitrator: Mr Soors.

Warnings: Englebert (not in play), Cottet, Lambot, Delbergue, Mouhli.

The goals: 42nd and 45th Perbet (1-0 and 2-0), 70th Bustin (3-0), 77th Kieran (3-1)

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