Gallardo and a forced change to visit Independiente.

River is facing an important match against Independent: You need to score points to get closer to the top of the Professional League. The defeat at the Monumental against Sarmiento left some doubts in relation to the team’s construction and, thinking about his visit to the Libertadores de América on Sunday, Marcelo Gallardo evaluated changes in the defense during the week.

One of them has to do with David Martinez. The defender, who had a poor performance last date, has been having a hard time finding his best level and was among those he could leave. Added to this, already outside of football, In the last few hours he felt pain in his left quadriceps, medical tests were done and it was confirmed that he suffered a tear.

Gallardo and a forced change to visit Independiente.

Thus, the 24-year-old center-back will be absent, he will be off the pitch for an indefinite period of time and the Doll will have to replace him yes or yes in Avellaneda. Who is emerging to occupy that place is Javier Pinola, who had already been tested for a while by the DT in training on Thursday, precisely as a replacement for Martínez (he had started as a starter).

Pinola would take Martinez's place.  (photo: River Press).

Pinola would take Martinez’s place. (photo: River Press).

With the injury of the one that emerged in the Inferior Millionaire, MG’s doubts seem to have been cleared up and it would be the experienced 39-year-old player who will join the defense together with Paulo Díaz. The other who would have his place in the defensive zone is Milton Casco, while on the left side there is another uncertainty: does Elías Gómez play or does Emanuel Mammana go through that sector?

possible eleven

Franco Armani; Milton Casco, Paulo Díaz, Javier Pinola, Elías Gómez or Emanuel Mammana; Enzo Perez; Pablo Solari, Rodrigo Aliendro or Nicolás De la Cruz, Agustín Palavecino, Esequiel Barco and Lucas Beltrán.

The bad present of Martínez

Since that ligament strain in his left knee he suffered in February, the left-back has never been the same and it is not necessary to go that far back in the archive to find an answer to why Gallardo tried touch-ups in his position during the week. : in Sarmiento’s first goal he went too far, almost to the middle of the field, to try to anticipate Mainero and then he took a long time to recover his position and was late to interrupt the pass behind the wheel in his definition against Armani; while in the second, he lost from above with Andueza.

Martínez is not going through a good football moment.  And he got injured...

Martínez is not going through a good football moment. And he got injured…

Beyond his usual calm, surely throughout the week he chewed anger and was counting down the hours to have a quick rematch, but it could not be: His tear was confirmed and he will be off the courts for an indefinite time…

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