The Uruguayan Matías Arezo heads the ball before Erik Lamela's mark.  Photo: AFP

While waiting for Luis Suárez’s response, River Plate has a fan of cards with the names of forwards for whom they are negotiating. It is that apart from the decision made by the Uruguayan with a past in Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool, Marcelo Gallardo wants more than one attacker to reinforce a squad that has a shortage of players in that sector of the field. And also for the hashtag #BringUn9 Stop being a trend on social networks.

There are various names and different characteristics in the deck. They are Valentín Castellanos, Miguel Borja, Diego Valoyes, Lucas Beltrán, Nahuel Bustos and Matías Arezo. Y this week the leadership will seek to be more “aggressive” -as requested by River’s coach-, so he will speed up the negotiations and define which of all those alternatives he can bring.

The new names that were added to the list are those of Bustos and Arezo. The first one, the Doll has been observing for a long time and there was already an attempt last summer. ANDhe former Talleres, who scored a goal against River at the Monumental in 2019, plays in Girona, a Spanish team that on Sunday will play as a visitor against Tenerife in the second leg -in the first leg they equaled 0-0- of the Second for promotion to LaLiga. And if he doesn’t get promoted, Bustos is likely to leave that club and be available to negotiate with Núñez’s institution.

And it is not the only reinforcement that could come from Spain. The Uruguayan Arezo, who descended with Granada, is a bet for which River is already negotiating. He is a 19-year-old area nine who stood out in the Uruguayan River, and who could represent a bet, as happened with Rafael Santos Borré five years ago. Represented by Paco Casal, with a very good relationship with Enzo Francescoli and the millionaire leadership, Arezo was more than once pointed out as a potential successor to Luis Suárez by the Uruguayan press.

The Uruguayan Matías Arezo heads the ball before Erik Lamela’s mark. Photo: AFP

In the meantime, River’s leadership does not lower its arms for Borja. Although the coffee forward affirmed that he returned to Junior to be champion since it is a pending account that he had left, they will wait until the end of the Colombian championship to try to close his arrival.

On the other hand, The Valoyes thing was stopped because Talleres asked for a lot of moneyin principle and then he agreed to receive players or percentages of them in exchange, but to 45% more than Federico Girotti, he added the request for portions of the passes of Bruno Zuculini and Agustín Palavecino, two footballers highly taken into account by Gallardo, so that under these conditions the negotiation is unfeasible.

At the same time, the possibility of adding Castellanos remains latent. It is that beyond the fortune (between 12 and 15 million dollars) that New York City asked for, that player is Gallardo’s priority, apart from Suárez. El Muñeco is convinced that the 23-year-old MLS striker can be a very important card in the place of Julián Álvarez.

Valentín Castellanos, an old berretín from Gallardo.  Photo: AP

Valentín Castellanos, an old berretín from Gallardo. Photo: AP

However, as the Copa Libertadores round of 16 draws near, and after the tie with Vélez, the coach will no longer have the young wonder of Calchín, Gallardo needs the leaders to speed up the negotiations. That’s why this week too, after River plays against Colón, they will go for Beltrán. Although the Santafesina leadership is firm that the Cordovan stay until June 30, in Núñez they need him now to be able to register him in the Copa Libertadores.

“We understand Colón and his president who want the bond to be fulfilled until June 30, but we must take into account the spirit of the contract that was until the end of the last tournament (the Professional League Cup). We have a good relationship and hopefully we continue to have it, that’s why we hope they can take this issue into account because if they leave it written down we can’t use it, ”said the club’s president, Jorge Brito, in River Monumental.

Another different issue is that of Suárez, for which they are going to wait for his definitionas expressed by the Doll at the press conference after the draw against Atlético Tucumán at the Monumental. “It depends on his decision,” River’s coach said. Meanwhile, the gunslinger He is still in Europe and it is expected that between the end of this week and the beginning of next week, he will decide his future. And in Núñez the illusion of having him is very great.

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