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The artist spoke what she thinks about going to reality on her official Twitter

Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Roberta Miranda - Photo 2: Reproduction/Gshow
Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Roberta Miranda – Photo 2: Reproduction/Gshow

BBB 23 is not far from starting and speculation about who can join the cabin group is in full swing. On the web, many names are being aired! Fernando Zor, from the duo Fernando e Sorocaba, and Simaria were among those quoted. Boninho even denied the sertanejo’s departure for reality, but did not rule out a party with the sertaneja duo.

After Rodolffo’s departure, doors were opened for the sertanejo milieu to infiltrate Globo’s confinement. The newest speculation is the name of Roberta Miranda, a phenomenon in country music and one of the few artists who managed to migrate to TikTok, having a lot of success.

The artist would be quoted for attraction and her fee would reach around R$ 33 thousand reais according to the TV Observatory. Roberta, however, would have been excited and even came forward to speak out.

On twitter, the country music icon spoke out by reposting a note from a famous page. In her profile she says: “True!! Paying millions that barely have KKKKK After all, I’m going to walk around half naked, beat up suckers and wake up late. I’ll be expelled in the first hours!! KKKKKKKKKKK But I’ll bring a lot of audience”she said.

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