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QATAR 2022

The former goalkeeper of the Chilean team, Roberto Rojas, along with Redgol, details Brazil’s favoritism for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, where he assures that it is due to the renewal of the squad and because the Europeans are not so strong.

For the former goalkeeper, Brazil has much more favoritism than Argentina.
© Agency OneFor the former goalkeeper, Brazil has much more favoritism than Argentina.

The World Cup steals all eyes from Sunday, when the let’s go to Qatar 2022 where everyone is betting on their favorite teams to win the cup.

For the same reason, without the Chilean team present, Roberto Rojasin conversation with Redgol, makes his favoritism clear.

“With the statistics that sports journalists have done so far worldwide, one of the favorites is Brazilbecause he renewed the entire team from the last World Cup, with the exception of a few players”, they stand out.

In this sense, he details that “they put Brazil for the good individual level that the players have had in the clubs.”

When it comes to looking for other countries to keep the trophy, the former goalkeeper assures that the panorama is for the same as always.

“In a shot as short as the World Cup is, France in second place, Germany that always arrives and one more, but Brazil is a favourite. Argentina is among the four for what it has been doing, with more than 30 unbeaten games” , deepen.

Although his heart is with Brazil, he assures that there is a factor that is good for the South Americans in this edition of the World Cup.

“The teams at the European level have not shown a great level, as in the last World Cup, nor in the last Euro Cup. That gives Brazil and Argentina guarantees to be among the top four,” he concluded.

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