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For the former player and sports manager of University of ChileRodrigo Polaco Goldberg, the reason he presents Hernan Galindez to want to leave the Romántico Viajero and the country due to threats to him and his family through social networks is not like that and that there is something else “that we do not know”.

Hernán Galíndez wants to leave the U of Chile, but his motives have been questioned.
© Agency OneHernán Galíndez wants to leave the U of Chile, but his motives have been questioned.

Hernan Galindez he wants to leave University of Chile. The representative of the goalkeeper of the Romantic Traveler stated that the blue player cannot even “go to the supermarket” and that the harassment by social networks intensified too much after the case Byron Castillosince he will go to world with Ecuador. This has found different voices against the soccer player and one more was added from a connoisseur of the chuncho’s house.

Is about Rodrigo Polaco Goldbergformer player and sports manager of the U, who plainly does not believe that Galindez you want to leave the U for a social media issue. “I see it from the point of view of the player and one wants to be calm, but I am going to a more global issue. You signed a contract, you knew the conditions. You knew where you were getting to. That a person who is not here brought you, it is a fact of the cause, but he has a long history and I assure you that he has had more than one coach and a sports manager, ”said the former forward in Al Aire Libre PM de Cooperativa.

And it went further. “Personally, and I say this with great respect because I don’t have the pleasure of meeting him, but I don’t think so about the family issue. I do not think it is like that. For me there is something else that I don’t know, that I don’t know, but is it the first time that they say something to you on social networks? It has happened to all of us, leading players”, she sentenced.

Galindez has an offer of Aucas of Ecuador and wants to return to the country with which he is not only going to play world, but it is where he has done much of his career. He came to the U from Chile as part of a new project with louis roggiero Y santiago escobarbut no one is in the Blue Sports Center anymore.

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