Romelu Lukaku is back on training with the Red Devils, and striking: it is immediately great fun

The Devils trained this afternoon under a leaden sun at the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort. The temperature indicated 33 degrees and there was not a breath of wind. For the occasion, the kit manager once again took out the colorful warm-up shirt that is prohibited during competitions.

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Two days before the match against Morocco, everyone was present on the practice field. Romelu Lukaku was also present and immediately caused great fun. When the players in groups first had to juggle a ball across the street, there was immediate enthusiasm. Big Rom’s team, including the Hazard brothers, was the first to cross the line, but there was immediately a pleasant discussion. Fortunately, there were enough film crews who could confirm the result. Lukaku seems to crave playing minutes and was very enthusiastic.

Since the training was only open to the media for fifteen minutes, it is not yet clear whether the striker went all out during the entire practice session and already entered into duels, but Lukaku gave himself one hundred percent during the warm-up. Short movements, passing balls, turning… His comeback – as a substitute – is in the making.

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