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The Portuguese was punished for inappropriate behavior after a match against Everton in April last year, when he knocked the phone out of the hands of a child

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Photo: Stu Forster/Getty Images

The Football Association of England (FA) suspended the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo for two matches and fined him £50,000 for inappropriate behavior after the match with Everton, when he knocked the phone out of the hands of a child. About it reported on the FA website.

“The IC found that his behavior was inappropriate and violent during the subsequent hearing. Therefore, the FA imposed these sanctions, ”the message says.

Manchester United announced the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo

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In April, Ronaldo smashed a fan’s phone after a 0-1 defeat against Everton. The Portuguese left the field with a bloody shield in his hands, during the game he received a severe cut on his leg. Leaving the field, the striker knocked the phone out of the hands of one of the fans. Later it turned out that the fan turned out to be a 14-year-old teenager with an autism spectrum disorder.

The child’s mother, Sarah Kelly, said he was shocked and also claimed that he had a bruise on his arm. The police investigated the episode by examining video footage and interviewing witnesses. Its results were not publicly reported. Ronaldo, in turn, apologized for breaking the fan’s phone in anger. Ronaldo later made a donation to I AM, a charity that helps people with autism and their families.

On August 17, it was reported that Ronaldo had received a warning from the Merseyside police for this fan incident. According to Kelly, Ronaldo will pay a £200 fine, meaning he “gets away with it”. She also stated that she intends to sue the football player.

Manchester United on November 22 announced the termination of the contract with 37-year-old Ronaldo by mutual agreement of the parties. His agreement ran until the end of the season.

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