Ronquières, a festival of flavors

There was a time not so long ago when festival food was reduced to hamburgers, fries and meatballs, the only note of exoticism being embodied by mozzarella-tomato paste pizzas. This time is now over, most festivals having diversified their offer, to the point of sometimes almost offering a mini-food festival within the confines of the music festival.

As such, Ronquières looks like a village of the world, where you cross the oceans through the stoves. Each entrance to the festival has its own little foodtruck district that offers a variety of flavors. The traditional fries rub shoulders with Thai food, Greek pittas or some Balkan specialties. The mound next to the Babord stage becomes the mountain of tastes: plancha, revisited parmentier, Mexican food. Some also embark on experiments, such as this stand offering potato risotto.

As for festival-goers, this wide range is attractive. “We are here to have a good time and if in addition we can make good food, what more could you ask for”smiles a festival-goer. “Me personally, the poster does not interest me, I followed friends. So if the food is good, at least I also have a good weekend”slips us another, with a touch of playfulness.

We don’t teach you anything, eating at a festival is a budget. Ronquières is no exception to the rule, even though other big festivals are more expensive. So as long as you break the bank over a weekend, you might as well spend €11 on an almost complete meal than €5 on a packet of fries. Passing through Ronquières this weekend? Do not hesitate to go around the site to find what you are looking for, some of the best addresses being sometimes a little hidden, such as the Argentinian meat stand which turns out to be one of the best value for money of the festival.

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