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Pavel Rostovtsev called the candidacy of Alexei Nuzhdov a disaster for Russian biathlon

Three-time world champion noted that Aleksey Nuzhdov’s election program is a “castle in the air”, which is not true

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Pavel Rostovtsev

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The election of Vice-President of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) Alexei Nuzhdov to the post of head of the organization will be a disaster for the development of biathlon sports in the country, three-time world champion and Olympic silver medalist Pavel Rostovtsev told RBC Sport.

“Maygurov showed his worth in his work. It is not for me to judge, but I believe that the current vice president should not head the federation of the Russian Biathlon Union. Aleksey Nuzhdov at the head of the federation is a disaster for the development of biathlon in Russia,” said Rostovtsev.

Maygurov said he was offended after the election of the head of the Russian Biathlon Union

Victor Maygurov

According to the three-time world champion, misbehavior in elections has become the norm for the delegates of the biathlon society. “The biathlon family again showed itself not from the best side: dirt, screams, intrigues, unfortunately, this has become the norm. Today, the most speaking delegate was the insane deputy of the Irkutsk region Alexander Ivanovich Eslev, who did not do a single gram for the development of biathlon, both in the Irkutsk region and in the Russian Federation.

The current president of the RBU, Viktor Maigurov, was one vote short of being elected for a second term. The current head of the union was supported by 35 delegates, vice-president of the RBU Alexei Nuzhdov – 18 (a total of 55 in the union). At the end of August, an extraordinary conference will be held, at which a new head of the federation will be determined by a majority of votes.

Alexey Nuzhdov is a 54-year-old vice-president of the Russian Biathlon Union. Since 2015, he has been the head of the Biathlon Federation of the Moscow Region. Since 2008, he has been working at NPF Gazfond as Senior Vice President. He served in counterintelligence and headed the department for combating official and economic crimes of the Central Office of the FSB.

Viktor Maygurov has been heading the organization since 2020. Previously, he was on the board of the RRF under Mikhail Prokhorov, who headed the organization from 2008 to 2014. After the Olympic Games in Sochi, the current president of the RBU served as the first vice-president of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) for four years.

Before the elections, the chairman of the council of the RBU Alexander Yeslev, on behalf of the organization, filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General’s Office against Maygurov. The council believes that the head of the RRF is spending for other purposes the incoming budget of the federation from sponsors and the Ministry of Sports. Maygurov said that he would file a “counterclaim for the protection of honor and dignity against each signatory of this “statement”.

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