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Find out if they have already deposited the bonus and the steps to collect the incentive at the university that corresponds to you in the following note. Take note and share this information with your friends as soon as possible. The ‘Santander Support Scholarship′ is a subsidy given by the Santander Group that aims to help thousands of Mexican students to continue with their higher education studies.

Registration for the program was open from February 21 to May 1, 2022, through the site: where the interested parties had to meet a series of requirements such as presenting the updated academic record, the current student card, the completion of the course: “Instruction to Digital Skills” and the explanatory statement.

Santander Support Scholarship: how to know if they deposited?

  • Enter the following link: .
  • Log in with your username and password (information you obtained at the time of registration).
  • Once in your profile, go to the ‘My scholarships’ section and then to ‘Ongoing’.
  • The system will show you the information on whether you were selected to receive the Santander Scholarship to support maintenance.

How to collect the ‘Santander Maintenance Scholarship 2022’?

The Santander Scholarship is not paid directly to the beneficiary. The payment will be made through the university where you study, that is, the amount will be delivered to the school and it will give you the support to continue with the career.

Santander Maintenance Scholarship: when do the results come out?

According to the official page, the program is evaluating the applicants until July 7, 2022, the date on which the results of the selected people will be announced and here we tell you how to check if you were chosen. Remember that this scholarship is given only once to Mexican students to continue their higher education studies.

What is the ‘Santander Studies Support Scholarship’?

The Santander Studies Scholarship program has a maintenance support of $9,000 and is aimed at young students who are carrying out their studies in technical higher education, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate in a public or private Higher Education Institution, who have the 30 % of the credits in their current studies and are regular students with a minimum average of 8.0.



He made his mom believe that he had broken her TV screen and the reaction is viral (Video: TikTok/@keisuke_yt).

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