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Santiago Wanderers

From the Dean they took the initiative to prepare their youth so that, in the very near future, they know how to handle the pros and cons of social networks, considering that many have the dream of being great and famous soccer players.

Wanderers and social media training talks to their cadets.
© Santiago WanderersWanderers and social media training talks to their cadets.

Santiago Wanderers carries out a great initiative with training talks for its academy and youth soccer players with a focus on their promises being able to make the best use of social networks, a fundamental tool currently in contact with fans and public opinion, but which also brings various problems and difficulties hand in hand.

The Dean began to educate his future professional soccer players in order to guide them to get the most out of it and avoid possible conflicts due to the misuse of digital tools on a personal and professional level.

“This is a series of talks that we are giving our cadets, we are going to apply them from the sub 15 to the projection series, at least in this first stage, where we give them advice and examples on the responsible use of social networks, understanding that to be an athlete of excellence you must also show yourself as an athlete of excellence”, they stated from Wanderers.

They highlight the strength that it means to know “from an early age the need for this industry, which has advanced significantly and has been transformed with a parallel market such as that of social networks for soccer players, and how they can get the most out of it without exposing their careers or families, and putting professionalism, goals and objectives first. It is to give them the tools and not get dizzy with this world, because it is very easy to do it”.

The training on the use of social networks in the Dean was designed in conjunction with the technical head of the training area, Héctor Robles, and implemented by the communications department of Santiago Wanderers.

Among the details revealed by the Buenos Aires club, from Santiago Wanderers they report that “a talk cycle is being carried out on the responsible use of social networks for young soccer cadets. The activity is part of a program developed by the institution, through its communications department, and seeks to provide players with the necessary tools to face an industry in constant evolution, where digital platforms have become the letter of introduction of professional players”.

From the Valparaíso club they state that “during the instance, practical examples, advice and strategies are developed to complement their sports training, starting with the cadets of the projection group and the sub 17, to continue in the next days with the sub 16 and under 15, before moving on to the second stage of the program”.

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