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Sara Carbonero, in love again: the photos that confirm her relationship with Nacho Taboada

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ANDLast March 2021, the Real Madrid exporter Iker Casillas and the journalist Sarah Carbonero advertised their separation after 11 years of relationship.

Both have been romantically linked ever since. with different people. One that has been talked about lately around Sara Carbonero has been the singer Nacho Taboada.

Sara Carbonero and Nacho Taboada, photographed in Madrid

Many voices around him spoke of a friendship only relationship but the magazine Hello! has corfimed through some photographs that the relationship between Sara Carbonero and Nacho Taboada is something else.

Image from the magazine Hello!

the magazinehas published some images of both walking through the streets of Madrid having a very affectionate attitude. In the photos you can see Sara Carbonero and Nacho Taboada hugging and kissing.

The photographs were taken on last June 8 after the couple enjoy an evening with their friends on a terrace.

Nacho Taboada is a musician and sound technician

Nacho Taboada is 35 years old and is a well-known musician from Zaragoza, vocalist of the Panamera Collective, together with Pepe Curioni and Vanja Polace. In addition, he is a radio sound technician and a few years ago he founded the Santa Ana Studio recording studio.

for now, neither of the two parties has confirmed the sentimental relationship.

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