Scaloni on the World Cup: "An error or something that happens to you unexpectedly can leave you out"

Although they are among the favorites to lift the trophy of the world Cup, lionel scaloni I consider that “one mistake can leave you out”. Argentina is part of Group C in the World Cup Qatar 2022 together with Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland and the coach of the ‘albiceleste’ referred to the possibilities of his team, which is led by Lionel Messi.

“The most important thing is that we all know it: in a World Cup, a mistake, a fatality or something that happens to you unexpectedly can leave you out. And there are plenty of examples, like Argentina in 2002, which was undeservedly left out. It was due to an unfair penalty against England, which was not, and then in a game in which he filled Sweden with balls. Therefore, these things must be taken into account.” indicated Scaloni in statements to Olé.

“The World Cup is very cruel, very unfair to those who really deserve it. There are times when teams reach the finals that during the championship had not shown superiority to the rest, but that developed a promotion from the first games that allowed them to reach the finals in the best way”, added the coach of the Albiceleste.

For Scaloni, the important thing is that his teams enjoy every moment of the 2022 World Cup: “The World Cup is cruel because of what I said, it doesn’t let you have a mistake or a fatality that can be in the world of football. Afterwards, I am of the idea that you have to try to enjoy everything, with joy, with all that it takes to be managing a group of this level. It is our way of carrying it forward, let’s hope it goes well for us”.

Lionel Scaloni and the possibilities of Argentina

“I do not dare to say that the World Cup has a favorite. It is impossible, there are great teams, many that can face each other in the round of 16 and end up on the road. So it’s hard to say who can win the World Cup.”Scaloni said.

“Yes, there is a range of 10 teams that are capable of winning this championship and that implies the difficulty that exists. This World Cup is much more even than the previous ones”sentenced the DT of Argentina.

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