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Drives racing cars and is committed to the environment: Sebastian Vettel in a conflict of conscience. © Hasan Bratic/dpa

Formula 1 professional Sebastian Vettel feels a conflict between his job and his commitment to environmental protection.

LONDON – “Driving a car is my passion and every time I get in a car I love it,” Vettel said on the talk show “Question Time” on the British broadcaster BBC. “Of course, when I get out of the car, I also think: Is this something we should be doing – traveling around the world and wasting resources?”

“I’m worried about the future”

When asked by the BBC presenter if he was a hypocrite as a driver of Formula 1, “one of the most fuel-wasting sports”, Vettel agreed. “You’re right,” said the 34-year-old. “I’m not a saint. I’m worried about the future. The questions about energy and the dependence on energy concern me. We must stop depending on energy. And we can. There are solutions for this.”

With a view to his job as a racing driver, however, Vettel asked for understanding. “On the other hand, we also entertain people,” said the Aston Martin driver. “During the Corona pandemic, we were one of the first sports to get going again. When everyone’s heads exploded, there were Formula 1 races on TV again.”

At the same time he asks himself many questions and tries to do his part to protect the environment. “I ask myself: do I have to take a plane every time,” said Vettel. “Not if I can drive a car. There are things I can control and other things that are out of my control.”

Referring to Russian gas, Vettel said Germany should have recognized the threat a long time ago. “We shouldn’t depend on it. We have to shift into the next gear and get ready for the future,” said the world champion from 2010 to 2013. “And we have to make sure that we live on a planet that will be as pleasant tomorrow as it is today.” dpa

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