Sebastián Villa case: the defense asked to postpone the investigation in the case of sexual abuse

Sebastián Villa’s defense requested postpone the investigation of the Boca striker in the case of sexual abuse of a young woman, which according to the judicial complaint occurred in a country case in Canning in June 2021.

This was confirmed by the soccer player’s lawyer, who is quoted for this Friday at 10.30 in the Esteban Echeverría Specialized Prosecutor for Gender Violence, in charge of Vanesa González, in charge of the investigation.

According to the complaint, filed in writing on May 13 and ratified three days later in person, the case of sexual abuse It would have taken place on the night of June 26, 2021 at the country house “Venado II”, in Canning.

After a strong discussion, the soccer player and the complainant moved to the house of the Boca striker together with a security employee and a friend of the player. There, according to the complaint, Villa locked the woman in a room, sexually abused her and tried to suffocate her.

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