Sebastián Villa case: psychiatric expertise for the player and statement for the resident who treated the complainant

The date of the trial that the Boca footballer Sebastián Villa will have to face for exercising gender violence against his ex-partner, with whom he lived in a Canning country, was known.

The oral trial will be between September 19 and 21 next. He is accused of minor injuries aggravated by the bond and for mediating gender violence and coercive threats against his ex-partner, in April 2020.

The spokespersons told Télam that the debate will take place on September 19, 20 and 21, when the events that occurred on April 27 of that year in the house shared by Villa and his ex, in the private Saint Thomas neighborhood, will be discussed. of the town and Canning.

Villa and his former partner lived there before moving to Venado II, where he was accused of abusing another woman in June 2021.

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