A black Porsche Carrera GT by Michael Schumacher is for sale (symbol image).
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Of: Vincent Fisher

A previously unknown car by Michael Schumacher is now coming to light. The seven-time world champion apparently owned a Porsche Carrera GT.

Leverkusen – The Porsche Carrera GT is considered one of the most important cars of the modern era. The mid-engine super sports car delivers more than 600 hp and thus ensures breathtaking driving performance even by today’s conditions. Also Motorsport icon Walter Röhrl was involved in the development of the lightweight sports car. It is logical that the Carrera GT was extremely popular and still is today. Also a Formula 1 legend Michael sSchumacher secured a copy, as has now come to light.

Porsche Carrera GT (Type 980)
Power: 603 hp
Displacement: 5.7 liters
Manual 6-speed gearbox
Top speed: 334 km/h

Michael Schumacher had Porsche Carrera GT bought by managers

On the portal Elferspot.com a Porsche Carrera GT from the model year 2004 is for sale. Schumacher manager Willi Weber bought the sports car through his company Weber Management. He then made the Porsche available to the seven-time world champion. “There is a confirmation of this,” says the platform. Background: Schumacher’s former employer Ferrari should not see through that his driver is driving a direct competitor’s car.

A black Porsche Carrera GT by Michael Schumacher is for sale (symbol image). © IMAGO / Sebastian Geisler

And so it remained unknown for years that the German, like numerous other stars (including Jerry Seinfeld, Samuel Eto’o), is the owner of a Carrera GT. Now Schumacher’s copy is offered for sale. The super sports car, which is completely black, has just 14,200 kilometers on the clock. An equipment highlight is the dark gray luggage set, which is optimally tailored to the storage and stowage areas of the Carrera GT.

Price only on request: How much is Schumacher’s Carrera GT worth?

A price for the vehicle will only be given upon request. The original price at the time was around 450,000 euros. But because of the star factor alone, the value should be over one million euros. The low number of units has also caused market prices for the Carrera GT to skyrocket. A total of just 1,282 units left the factory in Zuffenhausen between 2003 and 2006. (vfi)

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