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The actress received a lot of criticism on the web after showing a daring look with the commentator uniform for the World Cup

Photos: Instagram/Deborah Secco
Photos: Instagram/Deborah Secco

Successful actress and model in her spare time, Deborah Secco will comment to World Cup 2022 at TV Globo, something unprecedented for the broadcaster. In order to try to “conquer” the public that doesn’t understand football tactics and rules, the channel has been betting on well-known figures to engage the tournament, like the artist herself. jojo todynhoincluding, has also been confirmed.

To talk about football more properly, some active players and professionals were selected. cases of Rafinhaof Sao Pauloand Liscawho trained the saints in the last Brazilian🇧🇷 Yesterday (Monday the 20th) deborah caused a huge stir on the web by showing off her ‘daring’ and sexy look to the competition. Flavia Jannuzzireporter at TV Globoinsisted on giving an opinion.

She shared the clothes of deborah and tagged the colleague eri johnson in publication: “For what? Eri, help here”, said. In the comments, she continued questioning the actress: “So, let’s cut the blouse to distract the crowd, right? Only Jesus. Sensualization to comment on football does not empower any woman. They can slaughter me here. I found wow”ended Flavia🇧🇷

Deborah breaks the silence and speaks out

After not talking about it for a while, deborah finally took a stand. without quoting Flaviathe ex-girlfriend of Roger Flores vented and proved to be at peace, completely ignoring the opinion of critics and haters: “It’s a delight to be with them and having fun talking about a subject totally outside my bubble. What the Cup doesn’t do, right? Thanks”🇧🇷

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