Series fans can smile: Formula 1 returns for two more seasons on Netflix

“The series has grown in popularity over time, season 4 (released in March, editor’s note), reached the widest audience to date, entering the weekly Top 10 in 56 countries” explained the two organizations in a joint statement.

Since the 2018 season, Netflix, known for not disclosing its audiences, has been filming behind the scenes of the premier category of motorsport.

During the last season, the documentary series notably followed the intense fight for the title between the British Lewis Hamilton and the Dutch Verstappen, even if the latter refused interviews with Netflix, believing that the series was mounting false rivalries.

Verstappen is not the only one to criticize the series: his Red Bull teammate Sergio PĂ©rez believes that the last season “probably went too far” in the dramatization of F1.

“I really thought they had the best season in Formula 1 (to work on) and I feel like they probably missed some of the story in the way they presented it,” he said. reacted the Mexican to the American site ESPN. Enough to make Netflix react in the future?

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