Shakira and Pique

Lto news of the Shakira and Piqu split shook the world of entertainment and sports, areas in which they operate. it was the past June 4 when both decided to communicate their breakup after days of speculation about a alleged infidelity on the part of the central defender of Barcelona.

“We regret to confirm that we are parting ways. For the well-being of our children, who are our top priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding”, were the words with which the EFE Agency was able to confirm a rumor that grew stronger every day.

Shakira and Piqu were together for more than a decadeReuters

After this confirmation, the rumors about the possible causes have not stopped, being Piqu’s possible infidelity the strongest, likewise, users of social networks began to speculate about the future of the Colombian singer, who at that time began to follow the actor on Instagram Henry Cavill.

Shakira, Chris Evans and Henry Cavill: How did the rumors start and why were they related?

Rumors about a possible relationship between Shakira and Chris Evans or Henry Cavill began dating once their separation from Piqu was confirmed, Well, the singer’s followers realized that she began to follow these actors on Instagram, which caused them to remember that occasion in 2015 on a red carpet at the premiere of the movie The Man from UNCLE, when the protagonist of ‘Superman’ stopped responding to his interview by turning to see the Colombian singer and asking: “Is that Shakira?”

Said action by Cavill was interpreted as an admiration for the Colombian who at that time was in a relationship with Piqu. Despite the euphoria of the fans for a possible relationship between ‘Superman’ and Shakira, the truth is that the actor confirmed a year ago his courtship with Natalie Viscuso.

Shakira on the red carpet at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

Shakira on the red carpet at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

As for Evans, who does follow Shakira on Instagram, he recently acknowledged that He was not aware of all the commotion that had been caused in networks around an alleged interest of his in the Colombianand even, also mentioned that He does not know the Colombian personally but he is a great fan of his career.

How did Shakira discover that Piqu was unfaithful to her?

According to the program ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, the Colombian artist would have hired a detective agency to discover the deception of the Barça player. However, the detectives they would have been the ones who ‘betrayed’ Shakira, disclosing part of the information to the media after obtaining exclusive images.

Why Shakira and Piqu never got married?

Shakira and Gerard Piqu formed one of the most solid media couples, however it was the interpreter of ‘January Day’ who revealed on one occasion that the idea of ​​marriage scared her. “I don’t want (Piqu) to stop seeing me as his girl. It’s like that forbidden fruit, I prefer to keep him attentive and think that everything is possible depending on his behavior, “he indicated for the podcast Planet Weird.

Likewise, the Spanish player agreed with his partner’s words: “I like the way we are now, the way we function as a couple. And no, we don’t feel that need to be married,” mention in a talk with the former soccer player Gary Neville.

Where does Shakira currently live?

At the moment it is known that Shakira and her two children, Milan and Sasha, live in the House to share with the Spanish player in Esplugues de Llobregat, in Barcelona.

Where is Piqu living since his separation?

For his part, Piqu returned to live in his bachelor apartment he has on Muntaner street in Barcelona.

Piqu and his annoyance with Shakira for how he has handled the breakup

After all the scandal caused by the separation of Shakira and Piqu, it has been mentioned that the Barcelona player He is upset with the Colombian and her family for the way they have handled the whole issue of the breakup.

According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, Shakira would have breached the commitment they had on how to handle the announcement of the end of their relationship, because the footballer wanted to present the statement weeks before what was done.

Likewise, they point out that the defense will be upset because people close to the Colombian they have conveyed the idea that the culprit of the breakup was the cause of an alleged infidelity that according to the sources of the aforementioned newspaper it is false.

After the announcement about their separation, none of those involved have spoken again on the matter.

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