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State benefits are related to the years of marriage according to the corresponding bonus.

Know the details of each bonus.
© agency oneKnow the details of each bonus.

State bonds include several categories, benefits include Silver Wedding Bonus and Golden Wedding Bonus that assign an amount of money for completing certain years of marriage, as the case may be.

Silver Wedding and Golden Wedding Bonus: These are the requirements

The Silver Wedding Bonus It consists of a monetary contribution to those who celebrate 25 years of marriage and is delivered in different Compensation Funds. It ranges from $20,000 to $30,000.

Silver Wedding Bonus Requirements

The Heroes Box

  • Be a member of Los Héroes upon completing 25 years of marriage.
  • Identity cards up to date.
  • Have the marriage certificate issued by the Civil Registry.
  • Have the request for authorization and payment of benefits signed by the pensioner.
  • The amount of the bond is $25,000 and you can do the paperwork in the same institution.

The Andes Box

La Araucana Box

box 18

Golden Wedding Bonus Requirements

It is an economic benefit for couples who comply and demonstrate 50 years of marriagethe current amount is $403,874 and is delivered once in equal parts ($201,937 for each living spouse) and is requested jointly.

Aimed at spouses who:

  • They are not separated or divorced (termination of the marriage for any legal cause).
  • They are in the Social Registry of Homes (RSH), and, according to their qualification, they belong to the 80% most vulnerable of the population.
  • Live in the same home or prove residence in long-term homes (one or both), recognized by the corresponding authority.
  • They accredit residence in the national territory for a period of four years, within the last five years immediately prior to the date of presentation of the application.

Widows will be entitled to the bonus in the following cases:

  • If, on reaching 50 years of marriage, one of the spouses dies after that date. The survivor can opt for the bonus part of it, provided that the death of one of the spouses occurs within the one-year period indicated by law to request the benefit.
  • If the application has been submitted and verification of compliance with the requirements, either of the spouses dies during the processing of the benefit. Once the corresponding amount is granted to the deceased person, it will form part of his estate.

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