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The artist was on the adoption waiting list for 2 years and 5 months

Pepita announced the arrival of her first child
© Photos 1 and 2: Reproduction / Pepita’s official InstagramPepita announced the arrival of her first child

This Saturday morning (7), the singer-songwriter Pepita used social media to publicize the arrival of Lucca Antonio, their first child with the dancer Kayque Nogueira, her husband. The two artists have been married since the month of September 2020.

“We promise to give you all the love in the world… Welcome my son Lucca Antonio”, wrote the singer in the post, in which she published black and white photos with her son and her husband. In an interview with the website Marie ClairePepita clarified about the adoption process and said that she realized a dream by having a child.

“I know that other sisters also have the same dream that I do and I hope they can fulfill it. I know I have representation, but I want to see others achieving everything I’ve achieved. There’s a lot of Pepita out there that needs to be seen as a human being and deserves to be happy, get married and be a mother”, said the artist, who waited for two years and five months on the adoption waiting list.

“I never gave up on this dream and today I can sleep with the certainty that there is a little angel who needs me to take a shower, change, up front he’s the one who will bring water to Mom’s bed. I still don’t know which one will be mine reaction when he calls me mother, but being able to live all this is emotional and surreal”, he says.

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