Single Family Subsidy |  How can I apply for the bonus that will have the amount of the Basic Basket?

The Single Family Subsidy (SUF) is an economic contribution from the Government that is intended for all people who belong to the 60% of the most vulnerable national populationaccording to the Social Registry of Homes (RSH), and that, in addition, they are not in a condition to provide, alone or together with the family group, the maintenance and upbringing of the person responsible for this assignment.

Recently, after what was agreed with the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT), The Government of President Gabriel Boric established the delivery of a compensatory bonus for the increase in the value of the Basic Food Basket.

The amount provided by the Single Family Subsidy is $14,366 per family dependent and in the case of people who have a disability, double the total amount of money will be delivered, that is, $28,732.

The amount that the beneficiaries of the subsidy will receive for the increase in the basic basket It will depend on the number of household members. For example, if three people who receive the SUF subsidy live in a household, they would receive an amount of $19,230.

Payments of the Basic Family Basket Subsidy are monthly. These began in May and will run until December of this year 2022. In addition, the first payment in May will be $6,410, an amount that has suffered much criticism from parliamentarians.

Next, we tell you how you can apply for this benefit.

How can I apply for this benefit?

In order to apply to the SUF, People must gather the required information, with these they must go to the municipality corresponding to their address.

There you must explain the reason for your visit, which is to request the SUF. Then you have to deliver the documents and as a result of the procedure, you will have requested the subsidy, whose response you can obtain in the same municipality where you carried out the procedure.

The documents that the municipality can request are:

-Birth certificate of the minor.

-Photocopy of healthy child control card, up to date, for children under 6 years of age.

-Certificate of regular student, of those older than 6 years.

-Photocopy of identity card of the mother who wishes to apply for the maternity subsidy.

-The condition of people with intellectual disabilities must be accredited by means of the declaration of the Preventive Medicine and Disability Commission (COMPIN) corresponding to the domicile of the deceased.

-In the case of the pregnant woman, she must present a competent certification of the fact that she is in the fifth month of pregnancy, issued by a doctor or midwife from the health services or from institutions authorized by such services.

-In the case of minors and when appropriate, the quality of guardian or caregiver must be accredited.

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