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This state contribution is delivered on a monthly basis.

Learn about the Single Family Subsidy.
© Agency OneLearn about the Single Family Subsidy.

In times when the economy only delivers bad news and when money is often not enough, state aid come to play a fundamental role in the most vulnerable families of the population. One of them is the Single Family Subsidy.

This benefit consists of a monthly contribution according to the charges registered by the head of the household, which targets the most vulnerable 60% of the population according to the socioeconomic level established in the Social Register of Households.

In addition, if the family group is a beneficiary of this aid, they can also obtain the Bonus for the Basic Food Basket. This consists of a readjustment by eThe rise in the price of food and that is delivered by the State.

How do you get the Single Family Subsidy?

To be a beneficiary you must meet the following requirements:

Belong to 60% of the Social Register of Households.

– The deceased minors or disabled must participate in the health programs established by the Minsal for child care.

Decedents over 6 years of age must prove that they are regular students of basic, middle, higher or other equivalent educationin establishments of the State or recognized by it.

The beneficiary must not receive Family Allowance, Maternal Allowance, Maternal Allowance, Basic Solidarity Pension or Mental Disability Allowancesince these benefits are incompatible with the SUF.

If you meet the requirements, you must go to your municipality and request the Single Family Subsidy by submitting the following documents:

– Birth certificate of the child.

– Photocopy of up-to-date healthy child control card for children under 6 years of age.

– Certificate of regular student, of those older than 6 years.

– The condition of people with intellectual disabilities must be accredited by means of the declaration of the Preventive Medicine and Disability Commission (COMPIN) corresponding to the domicile of the deceased.

– In the case of minors and when appropriate, the quality of guardian or caregiver must be accredited.

What are the bonus amounts?

The State will pay 15,597 pesos for each family charge Y 31,194 if she has some type of disability.

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