Sister Cristina, winner of 'La Voz', hangs up her habits and changes her image completely

ms of 111 million views on YouTube is not within everyone’s reach. The credit goes to Sister Cristina, who participated in ‘The Voice’ in Italy in 2014an edition in which he ended up winning after shining with his interpretation of ‘No one’, by Alicia Keys. However, she currently has now shed her habits and lives in Spain, where she works as a waitress.

After winning the contest, Cristina Scuccia began a brilliant career in which she joined musicals like ‘Sister Act’ and ‘Titanic’. However, that life did not seem to excite him, since eight later his day to day is totally different, as he revealed in an interview on Canale 5, in which he explained the reasons for changing the habit for a tray.

Sister Cristina’s reasons for hanging up her habits

For her television appearance, who in the past was known as Sister Cristina, showed the radical change that she had adapted, also in her physique. With a jacket suit and long hair, Cristina Scuccia confessed that she reconsidered her life in the convent by shining in ‘La Voz’. “The media exposure of the program, over time, was the engine of many questions”explained.

For her, the key moment came with the pandemic. After the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world, Cristina reconsidered her life and decided to take a turn. “I didn’t understand who it was. I have never denied God, but it was not within my habit. Sister Cristina is within me. I am who I am now thanks to her,” he said.

That is why, after a time of reflection, I opted to hang up my habits and live in Spainin which she continues to pursue her dream of singing and, at the same time, works as a waitress to support herself.

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