Slaughter without stunning: François De Smet will propose to his party to put the proposal back on the table in the elections

“We must take note that today there is no democratic majority to impose stunning before any slaughter. This is regrettable, and in contradiction with a large majority of Brussels residents who support this measure. I will never resign myself to animal suffering being treated differently in Brussels than in the other two Regions. I will propose to my party to put the proposal back on the table during the 2024 elections, including for future negotiations “said the president of DéFI, in a press release.

For the head of the DéFI group in the Brussels parliament, Emmanuel De Bock, it is essential to go beyond the vote by immediately organizing transparency, traceability and labeling of meat from slaughterhouses. The objective is to enable each consumer to be able to consume meat from the sector practicing stunning, knowingly. This is currently not the case.

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