So you can know how much mobile data you have spent on your Android phone

It is likely that you have contracted a plan of Mobile data with the company that provides you with telephone services, or if you are a prepaid user, which has to be recharged after every certain time, you should know that the megabytes and gigabytes that they offer you are not unlimited, it means that at some point they will end if you do not manage them correctly. Would you like to know how many MB or GB you have used up and how many you have left over? It is something that from Depor we will explain below so that you do not run out of internet. Take note.

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We will also show you a configuration that will help you set a limit on mobile data consumption, as well as your smartphone with operating system Android will be able to notify you when you are about to reach the established limit of MB or GB.

How to know how much mobile data you have consumed?

It is important to clarify that depending on the model or brand of your computer, the name of the settings could vary slightly, so we recommend you look for one with a similar name or in any case use the settings search engine.

  • Enter the “Settings” of your cell phone.
  • Now, press the section that says “Connections” (if you can’t find it in the interface, use the search engine).
  • A new window will open and you will have to click on the “Data usage” > “Mobile data usage” option.
  • In the upper left part you will see the amount of mobile data that you have used in the course of a month, it even details the date.
  • In addition, it will show you a list of the applications that have consumed the most MB or GB.

How much mobile data do you have left?

  • Access the “Settings”.
  • Then, click on “Connections”.
  • Finally, click on “Data usage” and the amount of available mobile data will appear at the top.

The steps to set a data consumption limit on Android

With this tool, the cell phone will notify us once we have consumed a certain amount of mobile data that we have requested, either in MB or GB.

  • Enter the “Settings” and in the search engine type “Data usage”.
  • Now, click on “Alert” or “Data usage notice”.
  • With this function you can configure your cell phone to notify you when you have reached the established limit, likewise, mobile data will automatically be deactivated to save them.

What happens if I charge my cell phone with a higher power charger?

Phones with 4,000 to 6,000 mAh batteries must be charged with powers of 30W or with the speed included in their original charger, according to the manufacturers, however, the way of charging has not changed and after several years it is still the same, it is true that new technologies have now been added to prevent cell phones or the charger from overheating when they are left connected.

Suppose your mobile has a maximum power input of 30W and you only have a 10W charger, what would happen? the device would charge normally, but it would take much longer to reach 100% due to its power, so What would happen if the charger has higher power? if it is 60W or 100W, it will adapt to what the equipment asks of it and it would charge at the speed of 30W.

In conclusion, if the charger is more powerful it will reduce its power to give the phone what it asks forhighlighted the technology portal Xataka Android. One thing that you should keep in mind is that some mid-range or high-end phones have a fast charging function, which means that here they will adapt to the power of the charger, for this reason some devices charge 100% in 20 or 30 minutes, if you use the aforementioned tool frequently you will exhaust the charging cycles faster and therefore its useful life.

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