Families in Action

As has been happening since 2020, Social Prosperity is the entity in charge of implementing the social programs of the Government of Colombia that seek to help the most needy families with the Solidarity Income and other subsidies. Colombians should take into account that for this month of May there are three more subsidies on the payment schedule: Families in Action, Youth in Action Y Greater Colombia. Review all the details of how to know if you are a beneficiary.

The Administrative Department for Social Prosperity the new payment schedule for each subsidy and have reported that they continue to work to ensure the continuity of the operating cycle and the delivery of financial support.

Social Prosperity in Colombia: how to know if I am a beneficiary of some of the subsidies?

Solidarity Income

To check if you are a beneficiary of the program, you must register on the program page. Here we tell you how to do it:

Solidarity Income 2022 in Colombia: beneficiaries, when they pay and how to collect

  • Enter
  • Click the SIGN UP button located at the top right of the page.
  • In the Citizen Digital Authentication service, log in with your ID number if you are already registered or go to REGISTER HERE.
  • In the TYPE OF ACCESS, select REGISTRATION WITH IDENTITY DOCUMENT and continue with the process.
  • Once you are registered, go back to the program page and log in (steps 1, 2 and 3).
  • Upon entering the system, a window will appear with the information of the registered user. Check the data and close the window.
  • Click on the CONSULT DRAFT AND BENEFICIARIES button. Finally, a window will appear with the information related to your household (if you are a beneficiary, state of the household, etc.).

Families in Action

To find out if your family is part of Families in Action 2022, you must first enter the following link: and then follow these steps:

Families in Action 2022: how to know if I am a beneficiary and payment date

  • Enter the option ‘Check here if it is focused’.
  • Enter the type of document (identity card, citizenship card, civil registry or foreigner’s card).
  • Write the document number.
  • Write your first name and then the first last name
  • Indicates the date of issue of the document.
  • Select the ‘I am not a robot’ checkbox and wait for the system to verify the information.
Families in Action

Youth in Action

The incentive corresponding to the second cycle of the year will be delivered from Wednesday April 27. For this stage, 277,049 program participants will receive the cash transfer: it will be delivered in a gradual and staggered manner, until next May 16. The investment for this cycle is 131,421 million pesos.

Of the participants who will receive the incentive, 191,209 belong to Higher Education Institutions (IES), which made their reports according to the verification schedule; and 85,840 are SENA apprentices, with commitment reports corresponding to December 2021 and January 2022.

Link, Jovenes en Acción 2022 via Social Prosperity: how to register and payment date

Youth in Action
Youth in Action

Greater Colombia

The Social Protection Program for the Elderly “Colombia Mayor” seeks to increase protection for the elderly by providing an economic subsidy for those who are homeless, do not have a pension, or live in extreme poverty. This benefit has provided more than 5.5 billion pesos in transfers to program participants: 2.81 billion pesos in 2020; 2.59 billion pesos in 2021; and more than 435,170 million pesos in payments made until March 2022. With this investment, more than 1,600,000 older adults have benefited.

Colombia Mayor 2022: beneficiaries, payment date and how to collect

From Friday, April 29, the transfer corresponding to the fourth cycle of 2022 of the Colombia Mayor program is available. More than 1,600,000 program participants will be able to withdraw their incentive, of 80,000 pesos, from Su RED and allies throughout the country, until May 13.


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