Solidarity Income with Gustavo Petro: until when will they pay it and what is known about the subsidy

The Solidarity Income It was an initiative of National Government of Colombia to help people seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic. President Iván Duque was the one who approved the Program and now, with the inauguration of Gustavo Petropeople fear that the payment will be stopped.

Thanks to the Social Investment Law approved by Congress, and sanctioned by President Duque, Social Prosperity will be able to continue paying the amount until the end of 2022; however, many citizens still doubt what will happen to the amount from next year.

The president-elect after the results of June 19, has been critical of the amount that citizens receive and, through his social networks, indicated the changes he will propose to extend the scope and other changes regarding the program.

What will happen to Solidarity Income with Gustavo Petro?

The Vice Minister of Finance appointed by Petro, Diego Guevara, revealed that the Solidarity Income has the path paved to continue in Colombia in 2023. This adjustment will be studied during the debates in the Congress of the project of the General Budget of the Nation of 2023.

We found that until December it is guaranteed and a very important effort is wanted to be made to maintain the different transfer programs that exist, including Solidarity Income.”, he assured.

For his part, Daniel Rojas, coordinator of the Petro joint team, told the Week: “These resources disappeared. The outgoing government did not program the resources within the General Budget of the Nation. As they leave us the draft budget, this program would be underfunded”.

How to know if you are a beneficiary of Solidarity Income?

To find out if you are a Solidarity Income beneficiary you have to register with the Department of Social Prosperity (). At the top right you will find a button to check your status in the program with your ID number.

A window will appear and you will have to enter the type and number of the document, first name and last name, and date of issue of the document. It will immediately appear if you are one of the beneficiaries or not.

If it appears to you that you will receive the amount and you have a bank account in a financial institution in Colombia, your money will be deposited there, otherwise you will have to do it via SuperGiros.

When will Gustavo Petro’s possession be?

Gustavo Petro will be officially president of Colombia next Sunday, August 7, the date on which the Battle of Boyacá is commemorated, a historic event that gave way to the country’s independence. This same day, Iván Duque will finish his mandate.

Through his Twitter account, the president-elect invited Colombians to join the event and summoned them to occupy the squares in the center of the city, which are close to the Plaza de Bolívar, the place where the official ceremony of the presidential inauguration will take place. .


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