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The journalist commented on the subject during her participation in the Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega podcast

Sonia reveals tip from Silvio Santos' daughter.  Photo: Reproduction / TV Network
Sonia reveals tip from Silvio Santos’ daughter. Photo: Reproduction / TV Network

During Big Brother Brasil 22, Sonia Abram she was one of the famous ones who defended champion Arthur Aguiar tooth and nail, which ended up attracting some friction. Recently, the presenter of ‘The Afternoon is Yours’from Rede TV, was also involved in a controversy with influencer Gkay.

In this way, the journalist has been suffering from some negative comments. She commented on the subject last Monday (20), during the podcast by Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega and Renata Domingues. On the show, the presenter managed to take stock of her career.

The journalist confessed that she is still bothered by the negative comments she receives. Sonia Abrão even revealed an advice she received from Patrícia Abravanel, with whom she talked when she went to record the Jogo dos Três Pontinhos. The presenter said that Silvio Santos’ daughter advised her to stop reading reviews about her work.

“I’m getting really tired. It’s very exhausting. What comes to people with negative energy can’t even be explained”, commented the presenter to Nóbrega and Renata. “Patricia told me to stop reading the comments. She is absolutely right. It’s a very heavy energy,” she vented her.

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