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Qatar 2022

Diario Marca, Sport and Mundo Deportivo celebrated Spain’s historic 7-0 win against Costa Rica for the debut of the Iberians in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. This is how the covers of this Thursday are.

Spanish press and the celebrations on the cover for the 7-0 against Costa Rica.
© Getty ImagesSpanish press and the celebrations on the cover for the 7-0 against Costa Rica.

The Spanish team was a hurricane and devastated Costa Rica with a historic 7-0 win on the first date of Group E of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Iberians make their debut in a big way and the local sports press is a party in their covers.

The traditional newspaper Marca begins Thursday highlighting the 7-0 headline on the front page “a brutal Spain” with the players in the letters. They add “brilliant debut and choral exhibition of Luis Enrique’s team: seven goals from six scorers”.

For its part, the Catalan Diario Sport has on the front page “¡olé, olé”. They highlight that “Spain debuted in the World Cup with a football exhibition and a historic win” adding that it was “a choral triumph: Olmo, Asensio, Ferran (2), Gavi who was the MVP, Soler and Morata scored.”

And Mundo Deportivo went further, taking inspiration from the best teams in the Netherlands: “La Roja Mecánica”, they have on the cover, complementing that a “fabulous display by Lucho’s team, which signed its biggest historical win in the World Cup”.

“Total dominance and goals from Olmo, Asensio, Ferran (2), Soler, Morata and a Gavi MVP for only 18 years,” says the also Catalan Mundo Deportivo. The Spanish press is in ecstasy and their illusion is turned on to the entry title.

The next steps for Spain in search of the round of 16 of the World Cup will be next Sunday, November 27, against Germany and later against the surprising Japan on Thursday, December 1.

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