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Stepanova responded to criticism of the Norwegian with his photo in a T-shirt with Putin

Veronika Stepanova

Stepanova noted that the biathlete Christiansen, who criticized her for her gratitude to Putin, “was once on the right track” himself, and promised to pick up a riding bear for the Norwegian in Kamchatka

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Veronika Stepanova

(Photo: Global Look Press)

Beijing Olympic champion Russian skier Veronika Stepanova responds to biathlete Vetle Szostad Christiansen’s criticism of her performance in the Kremlin published in the Telegram channel, a photograph of a Norwegian in a T-shirt with Vladimir Putin. The President is shown riding a bear.

“Vetle, were you on the right track?! But something went wrong in your destiny, right? Don’t worry, I’ll pick up an excellent sledding bear for you in Kamchatka,” Stepanova wrote.

Photo: Telegram channel of Veronika Stepanova

Photo: Telegram channel of Veronika Stepanova

On April 26, Stepanova, during the presentation of state awards to the winners of the Beijing Olympics, thanked Putin for “raising the banner of the country high” and said that before her eyes, “Russia has again become strong, proud and successful.”

Christiansen, in an interview with Dagbladet, called 21-year-old Stepanova’s speech “absolutely terrible” and said she seemed like a “normal girl” before.

Champion of Beijing thanked Putin for “highly raised the banner of the country”

In March 2018, Christiansen posted a photo in a Putin T-shirt on Instagram (a court in Moscow recognized the activity of the social network as extremist and banned it in Russia) with the caption “Everything is ready for the season finale in Russia”, but subsequently deleted it.

Christiansen, 29, is the Beijing Games relay champion and mass start bronze medalist, as well as a three-time world champion.

Stepanova in Beijing became the relay champion.

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