Still does not ignite after the carolo success: "There are still points for improvement"

Engvall: We played well but it’s difficult to concede this goal from a free kick. We came back and we had a lot of chances but we lost. We should have scored one or two more goals in the first half. Hopefully it would have been a different game. It was a tough season for me but I fought, it’s nice to be back and score two goals, even if we lose. I wanted more playing time but that’s football. I also hope to prove things in my last game in front of the fans.

Bayo: It feels good to win. We did it for Bello. We wanted to win this match to please him, for the fans too. My finger on my mouth when I celebrate? Nothing in particular, I was already doing that in my previous clubs, I always do that. Of course, stats matter for an attacker. I wanted to pass the bar of ten goals, I’m at eleven, I’m happy.

Vrancken: It’s a bit like the story of our playoffs: we started badly, then we were the best team but we didn’t take our chances. We lacked efficiency. We score 25% of the chances we should finish. At rest, we must lead 0-2 or 0-3. But there were a lot of young people, Van Eyden played very well. But overall, I’m happy with the performance of my four youngsters. I don’t want to be negative after a season, and even the playoffs, of quality. I prefer to retain the positive with the young people we launched. I hope we will win for the last game at home.

Nkuba: We waited a long time for this victory. We are going to Ghent to try again to get a result and end the season in style. My goal ? I recover the ball in the axis, I try to find a solution, I can’t find one, I tell myself that I will go alone. Thank God, I put a punch, it goes. It’s good that we were able to win because when you score a goal but there is no victory, you have a bitter taste. Today, it’s done, we will try to reproduce the same performance next week. It is clear that it is a pleasure, this goal, I was very concentrated. We are satisfied with our meeting, we will enjoy until next week. I am grateful, it was difficult for me for a long time. Today, I am here, I give glory to God and I continue what I am given. As long as I’m on the pitch, I’ll give everything.

Still: It was important to come back to the score, the level of performance in the first period was perhaps the worst since the start of the playoffs. We were able to react, be more serious in the second period and play the game we needed. It’s positive. When you lead, you tend to concede a lot of counterattacks. Again here, it’s a shame that at 3-1, we still concede this second goal against. There are still points for improvement. We have to become more serious, stronger. Despite the positive, it is that we score three goals. But we should not have to put three to win games.

At half-time, we said to ourselves that we had to take advantage of the chance we had, Mechelen was not effective, we weren’t really good. It’s one of the rare times this season where we didn’t stick to the game plan, the defensive runs were bad. It was important to take advantage of this success in the second half. It’s fun to see the party with the public, that’s the essence of what we do, sharing that, for the departure of our storekeeper Bello, it’s important to end on a positive note. Now let’s think about next week.

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