There was a lot going on in the penalty areas - here Kickers striker David Braig shows a flying performance against Holzhausen's Andrej Schlecht.  Photo: Baumann/Hansjürgen Britsch

There was a lot going on in the penalty areas – here Kickers striker David Braig shows a flying performance against Holzhausen’s Andrej Schlecht. Photo: Baumann/Hansjürgen Britsch

Too many bad passes, too little excitement and focus – the Stuttgarter Kickers only managed a 2-2 draw against FC Holzhausen in front of 3,540 spectators. Coach Mustafa Ünal still gains a positive aspect from the game.

When the varied 90 minutes in the Gazi Stadium were over, Marc Stein was one of the first to classify the 2: 2 (2: 2) of the Stuttgarter Kickers against FC Holzhausen calmly: “You can’t always play every opponent against the wall and win hands down. If you play a draw after ten wins in a row, everyone can be disappointed, but it’s part of the game,” said the sports director of the Blues. The lead of the top league leaders over pursuers SG Sonnenhof Großaspach (already 3-1 against FC Nöttingen on Friday) was reduced to four points.

Kickers got off to a flying start in front of 3,540 spectators at Gazi Stadium. In the second minute, David Braig made it 1-0 with his 13th goal of the season, assisted by Kevin Dicklhuber. The newcomer put away the cold shower and hit back: Kevin Müller scored with a lot of feeling from 19 meters against the Kickers keeper Ramon Castellucci, who was a little too far in front of the goal. Holzhausen’s long-term clipper Janik Michel gave the courageous team of coach Pascal Reinhardt a 2-1 lead after a bad pass from central defender Niklas Kolbe (17th). It was Michel’s 15th goal of the season, who scored 47 times last season. The offensive spectacle continued unabated. Kolbe headed in a free kick from David Kammerbauer to make it 2:2 (28th).

Wild party

After the break, the wild ride on the Waldau in no way decreased in speed and intensity. The only difference: the chances, which were well distributed on both sides, were not converted. It remained with the fair division of points.

“Today we didn’t manage to use our strengths in defense against the ball. We were too relaxed, not focused and determined enough, and that was punished. We have to learn from that,” said Kickers coach Mustafa Ünal. In fact, his team made an unusual number of mistakes and gave the balls back far too easily. Nevertheless, the 39-year-old took something positive from the result: “It sharpens the senses, we will stay focused before the two difficult tasks that still remain before the winter break.”

Kickers fan Reinhardt

And how did the brave climber from the district of Sulz am Neckar classify the game? “Of course we’re happy with the point, but with a bit of luck we could have won,” said striker Michel. Meanwhile, his coach recalled his last appearance as a player with the Kickers. Reinhardt lost 2-0 in the regional league ten years ago while playing for FC Bayern II – and the Blues made it into the third division. “I’m sure the Kickers will be able to climb up again this time with their individual class. I wish them the best because I have a blue heart as a former Kickers youth player.”

Before the winter break, the Ünal team will travel to FC Nöttingen (November 26, 2:30 p.m.) and at home against FSV 08 Bietigheim-Bissingen (December 3, 2 p.m.). Chaser Großaspach plays in Bissingen (November 26, 2:30 p.m.) and at home in the derby against TSG Backnang (December 2, 7 p.m.).

Lineup kickers

Castellucci – Polauke (67th Riedinger), Zagaria, Kolbe, Kammerbauer – Campagna – Dicklhuber, Blank (67th Kiefer), Berisha (86th Obernosterer) – Riehle (73rd Loris Maier) – Braig.

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