Surprise at the Cannes Film Festival 2022: the rapper Diams will make her big comeback!

Since 2010 and her reconversion to Islam, Mélanie Georgiades, better known as the singer of Diam’s, will make her comeback on the media scene. She will therefore return during the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which takes place from May 17 to 28, 2022. The singer will come to present her documentary entitled Salam, which means ‘peace’ in Arabic.

The organization of the festival announced the big news this Friday via a press release.

This Friday, the rumor was already circulating on France Inter. “A crazy rumor electrifies the 7th art, it is rumored that new films could be added to the official selection, including an unpublished documentary signed by the queen of all queens, the diamond of all diamonds, the former rapper Diam’s in person ! ”, we mentioned during the Boomerang show.

The Salam documentary was made with Houda Benyamina, Golden Camera in 2016 at Cannes for Divines, and Anne Cissé.

The singer has also sent a message on her Instagram account where she officially announces her return.

For years, people knocked on my door asking for permission to stage my life, to play it, to interpret it. Many requests for documentaries, biopics, series have continued to flow. I had the feeling that I was being asked to give the keys to my life so that others can make a film of it. A show. My depression, my suffering, my quest, my rebirth: a film? An entertainment ?

So I took up the pen again. (…) Will the beauty of the landscapes that captivated me be as beautiful on screen as it was in my eyes?. Dive back into my memories and bring them back to life with my pen and the camera“, she wrote.

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