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Mano Menenzes believed he would get the most evolved Inter

Photo Ricardo Duarte/International
Photo Ricardo Duarte/International

The coach Bro Menezes arrived at Beira-Rio and soon identified one of his main missions in command of the Colorado barracks. The coach is satisfied with Inter’s volume of play, however, there is one factor that has been keeping Mano up at night.

In Mano’s opinion, the International has serious problems with finishing and the coach was not intimidated by exposing a certain disappointment with the stage of the squad in this regard. For the coach, the expectation was to find a better team in the conclusions for the goal.

In the coach’s explanation for the delay in submissions, Mano mentioned the work developed by former coach Alexander Medina, who preceded him in the post: “It surprised me. With the proposal I had before (with Alexander Medina), this is a part that should have been better developed. If the job was to catch the ball and be purposeful, then you will be in the last stage more often. This should have been better developed by now,” he declared in an interview with Rádio Gaúcha.

With the problem identified, Mano Menezes already has ways to work on the evolution of the Colorada aim, the technician will have his first full week to focus on corrections. The coach shed light on the methodology he will use: “We reached the last half of the field against Avaí 60 times (0-0 tie). In my opinion, we could have done better. I put the team in the last third. We got there well. Going forward, we’re going to train to have mechanics, depth and break the lines at the right moment,” he explained.

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