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Swinging Belgian Cats have no problems with Korea in the second World Cup match

Swinging Belgian Cats have no problems with Korea in the second World Cup match


The first victory is in for the Belgian Cats at the World Cup! — © BELGA

No problems for the Belgian Cats against Korea. With swinging basketball, they achieved a marked victory in the second group match at the World Cup in Sydney, Australia. The selection of national coach Valéry Demory is immediately “back on track” for a place in the quarterfinals at the World Cup. “Confirming tomorrow against Puerto Rico is the message now,” said Antonia Delaere.

Patrick Ceulemans in Sydney

The Belgian Cats briefly fell behind (5-8) against Korea, but quickly took over the game in the study round. A secure Julie Vanloo dropped bombs, provided the acceleration and propelled the Cats to a 15-8 bonus after 9-8. The Belgian Cats took care of their defense and unpacked with several fast-breaks. Hind-Ben Abdelkader was sharp, Julie Allemand conducted and Emma Meesseman scored, picked up rebounds and provided assists. The score therefore evolved from 19-10 to a 26-12 Belgian lead after the first quarter. Korea scored with collective three-pointers, but the Belgian girls continued to pick up speed, dominated the rebound and walked further away to a 38-20 score. Julie Vanloo continued to score and with the support of Julie Allemand and Hind Ben Abdelkader, the Cats had a “twenties” in their pocket at 45-24. National coach Valéry Demory rotated with many players and saw his Belgian Cats close the first half with a 50-30 bonus.

In the third quarter, Hind Ben Abdelkader showed her class and scored three three-pointers. Korea, however, was tough and wouldn’t budge: 53-33 and 58-41. The Cats gasped for a moment, narrowly lost the third quarter (19-20) but still started the last slide with a 69-50 lead. The Cats had a difficult start on the closing slide (69-54) but eventually found the right rhythm again. Billie and Becky Massey scored and at 75-54 the twenty-something was a fact again.

National coach Valéry Demory brought all players on court and Korea was able to soften a bit in the final minute. The handsome Belgian victory was of course no longer in danger. Julie Allemand (13 points, 4 rebounds, 8 assists), Emma Meesseman (9 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists), top striker Hind Ben Abdelkader (17 points), Antonia Delaere (10 points) and Julie Vanloo (14 points, including 4 on 7 three-pointers) Belgium were the strong holders in a collective (10 players scored).

Belgium-Korea 84-61

Quartz: 26-12, 24-18, 19-20, 15-11

Belgium: DELAERE 10, MEESSEMAN 9, LINSKENS 4, VANLOO 14, ALLEMAND 13, Ramette 2, Resimont 0, Ben Abdelkader 17, Becky Massey 6, Lisowa 4, Billie Massey 5, Joris 0

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