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Qatar 2022

The Saudi Arabian team shared what DT’s words were before their managers managed to come back against Argentina in Qatar 2022.

Hervé Renard motivated his players at halftime
© Saudi ArabiaHervé Renard motivated his players at halftime

The surprise victory of Saudi Arabia on Argentina it is far from being forgotten. At her debut in Qatar 2022the Asian team managed to come back and beat the Albiceleste 2-1, snatching the first three points in Group C and complicating Argentina’s chances on the way to the title.

The second half was fundamental for the Saudis: after going to the break with a 0-1 scoreline, Arabia came back with everything for the last half of the game and in less than five minutes managed to leave the score at 2-1. A fundamental factor for the comeback? The harangue that herve renard he gave his players at halftime, which was shared by the same team during these days.

In the record, the DT of French nationality is seen drawing attention to the crestfallen attitude of his leaders. “Except for Salman Al Faraj (who left before the break due to injury), why are they like this?” He questions. “Is that how we press? Pressing means that you go ahead,” he faces one of his players.

“Tambakti, Messi has the ball in the middle of the field and you’re still in defense. Do you want someone else to go and press him? Take out your phone and take a picture with Messi if you want! If you’re in front of the defense, when Messi has the ball you have to chase it”, continues the coach.

“We’re good with the ball. Did you see what they did? Don’t you feel like we can turn it around? Argentina’s are playing relaxed. Come on guys, this is a World Cup. Give it your all! Kanno was fantastic, so everyone be like him. Let’s go now!”, closes the coach in the record, which quickly spread through Twitter.

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