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Qatar 2022

The Argentine coach who leads Mexico, Gerardo Martino, referred to the possibility that his team has of leaving Albiceleste out of Qatar 2022.

Martino addressed the possibility of leaving his country out
© Getty ImagesMartino addressed the possibility of leaving his country out

A true final will take place this Saturday between Mexico Y Argentina. After having debuted with a surprise defeat against Saudi Arabia, the Albiceleste complicated their outlook in Qatar 2022 and may be left with no chance of advancing to the round of 16 if they lose to the North American team.

The morbidity has already settled around the match and that is why Gerardo Martino prepares to live a more than special experience. The trans-Andean coach who leads the Mexican team may be the one who eliminates his own country’s team, a scenario that was addressed by himself in the previous press conference.

“If you were in my place, what would you do? Surely you would look for Mexico to win. There is no other answer, because I work for this team. I know where I was born, I know the name of the sanatorium, in what year and I can tell you the characteristics of my city, but I have to do the impossible for Mexico to win”, commented Tata.

“When the group was drawn and we saw that we had to play Argentina, we never imagined the scenario that is coming tomorrow, but we work for Mexico and we want the best for Mexico. We prepare with the hope of going as far as possible,” argued the DT , who did not want to delve into how he would see a tie between the two squads. “Sometimes you deserve nothing and the tie is good; other times, you deserve more and equality does not satisfy you.”

“The panorama after Argentina’s defeat against Saudi Arabia has changed: what was not going to be a key or transcendental game has ended up being so. Not having a favorable result conditions us a lot and having it brings us closer to qualifying”, Martino closed on the match that will take place from 4:00 p.m.

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