Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press

Earlier, Sport24 published a message referring to the words of Tarasova herself about unscheduled hospitalization.

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Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press

Honored coach of the USSR in figure skating Tatyana Tarasova denied reports of her hospitalization due to poor health. About this she stated “RIA News”.

“I am now at home in the country. I have been to the hospital before. But now I’m at home. But thank you for your concern about my health,” Tarasova, 75, said.

Formerly Sport24 reportedthat Tarasova was unscheduled hospitalized due to deteriorating health.

Tarasova is the daughter of the famous Soviet hockey coach Anatoly Tarasov. She received the title of Honored Coach of the USSR in 1975. In 2008, she was inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Her students have won a total of 41 gold medals at the World and European Championships, as well as seven Olympic gold medals in three disciplines.

As a coach, Tarasova has participated in all the Winter Olympics and the World and European Figure Skating Championships since 1967.

She has trained such famous athletes as Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev, Natalya Bestemyanova and Andrey Bukin, Marina Klimova and Sergey Ponomarenko, Ilya Kulik, Oksana Grischuk and Evgeny Platov, Alexei Yagudin.

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