Teaching: let's go for the CEB, CE1D and CESS tests!

Better known as CEB for 6th primary, CE1D for 2nd secondary students, and CESS for 6th secondary students, these tests begin on Thursday and will run until Tuesday, June 21. The first results will be communicated by the end of the month.

Sometimes feared as much by parents as by their children, these external tests are intended to simultaneously and in a standardized way assess all students of the same level on the basis of the same exam, with the same questions and criteria for correction and success. .

These tests must attest to the mastery of the skills expected at each of these levels of schooling. However, given a school year that was still affected by the coronavirus pandemic, special arrangements have been made.

Thus, in the event that all the subject could not have been taught in certain classes, a procedure will be applied to help the school jury or the class council to take its decision relating to the granting of the certificate.

As usual, the CEB (Certificate of Basic Studies) will focus on French, mathematics and early learning (sciences, history, geography).

Binding, the test must be taken by all pupils in sixth primary in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, as well as all pupils in the differentiated 1st degree of secondary education, as well as certain pupils in specialized education by decision of their school. .

The CEB will be organized this year in all schools from June 16 to 21. The results will be announced on June 28.

Compulsory since 2013, the CE1D (Certificate of secondary education of the first degree) concerns all pupils of the 2nd common and complementary year of secondary school. The event will also be organized from June 16 to 21. It covers French (June 16), mathematics (June 20), science (June 21) and modern languages ​​(written test on June 17, the oral part between June 14 and 21).

The other disciplines taught will be subject to non-standard internal tests.

Finally, the CESS, which has only been compulsory since 2015, is compulsory for all students in secondary 6 and vocational 7. The test, which is held over two days, covers only two subjects: French (June 16) and history (June 17).

Here too, the other subjects will be the subject of internal examinations determined by the schools.

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