Team Antwerp with 2 on 2 to quarter finals 3X3 Energy Sukhbaatar Challenger in Mongolia


Team Antwerp, number 3 in the world, has qualified for the quarterfinals (Sunday) at the 3X3 Energy Sukhbaatar Challenger 2022 in Mongolia with a 2 out of 2 in the group stage.

Patrick Ceulemans

The first match in group B brought a 22-4 victory against Gandan from Mongolia after a demonstration. The second and last group match against Sansar MMC Energy (Mongolia) was a nail-biter. Thibaut Vervoort, Bryan De Valck, Dennis Donkor and Caspar Augustijnen eventually won 14-12. With 2 out of 2, Team Antwerp is immediately sure of a spot in the quarter-finals that are scheduled for Sunday. The top two of the four groups advance to the quarter-finals. The winner of the Energy Sukhbaatar Challenger 2022 will cash no less than $15,000, the number 2 will receive $10,000, the number 3 $6,000, the fourth finisher $5,000 and the number five $4,000. The winner and runner-up of this challenger has also qualified for the World Tour in Montreal (Canada) that will take place on September 3 and 4.

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