Ten friends rented a villa in Olivos to watch all the World Cup matches

They planned it for nine months. His story went viral and broke out on the networks.

The ball started rolling and the wait was over. It’s already 5 days since the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022, the maximum competition of selections of the planet. There were bumps and matches breaks prode, the Argentine National Team of Lionel Messi he lost in his debut and there were also incidents between Argentine and Mexican fans on the other side of the world in the last few hours.

It is a hectic World Cup, where anything can happen. However, beyond the results, passion is what matters when it comes to telling stories. Because the Argentine fans, it is known, are capable of doing anything to encourage the Albiceleste.

In the last few hours, the story of 10 friends who rented a house for a month to watch all the World Cup matches together “to pure pool, roast and fulbito”. How will the coexistence between party and party be? Will there be a red card if someone misbehaves?

“My brother and 9 friends decided a year ago to go live this month in a house together to watch all the World Cup games. Those who work at home do it from there, some come and go from work,” a user began explaining on Twitter. .

“They have Ministries for the organization. What do I know, they are sick,” he added with an emoticon of a light blue and white flag and another of a soccer ball.

“The ministries created are: Economy, Food, Beverages, Cleaning and Order, Argentine National Team and Entertainment,” the publication concluded.

The project is called “The house of the World Cup“. They have an Instagram account where they show themselves with flags, playing table football, eating barbecue and rooting for the National Team. Without a doubt, it is a unique and very striking project.

This group of friends who are going to live together for a month to see the entire World Cup in Qatar 2022 He presented himself on his social networks as follows: “Ten friends looking for a dream, eternal glory. The only World Cup in history in summer where we will enjoy a historic month among friends. The illusion is total!”.

The particular thing was the decision-making of this group of friends to choose the rooms where each one would sleep. Sure, living together in one house for a month is a huge change of routine for anyone.

How did they choose where to rest at night? Simple and straightforward: they played a “table football and ping pong night tournament (table tennis) to define places and bedswhere camaraderie and fair play shone”, as expressed in their networks. Apparently they do not lack organization.

The farm they rented is located in the town of Olivos, Vicente López District. The idea was born in September of last year, almost two months after Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina team lifted the Copa América at the Maracana. And finally it came true.

Users wanted to give their opinion on the networks and quickly joined by sending messages. “In 1986 we were 14 years old and we went to a country house in Retiro for a few days with friends to watch various games. What a wonderful memory!” recalled an Internet user.

Another user revived an adventurous story about the 2014 World Cup: “I went to Brazil for the World Cup on my own as soon as it started because I was there with friends who hitchhiked and shook me to death. Luckily I found them in Porto Alegre. A wonderful anecdote for a lifetime and I hitchhiked again a few days later with them.”

“In Italia 90 we did something similar. We left school and met at the house of one of the girls who had a barbecue area and we stayed there until the games ended,” said another Internet user.

Although there were also those who, instead of throwing good vibes, remembered the loss of the Argentine National Team against Saudi Arabia 2-1, for the first date of Group C, and left an unhappy comment. “We lose Saturday and it lasted 5 days a month,” another user commented.


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