Tennis player Alexander Zverev suffers from diabetes and creates a foundation

The Olympic champion now wants to show that “even if you are diabetic, you can go far.” At the same time, he announced the creation of his “Serving against Diabetes” foundation.

“Now that I’m older and have had several wins, I feel comfortable enough to announce this news,” Zverev explained. He wants to be a role model for other people with this disease. He also pays attention to children, because according to him, an active lifestyle and the right preventive measures can prevent more children from getting diabetes.

With his foundation, Zverev will buy insulin and other life-saving drugs to distribute to diabetic patients. It also wishes to financially support children and young people affected by the disease. “I am in a privileged situation, where I can lead the life that I have always wanted to lead. I have always wanted to play tennis, to travel to tournaments all over the world and I wanted to become the best player in the world. If I was able to achieve my dreams, it is mainly thanks to my parents and my brother. They have always supported me unconditionally and they still do.”

The Hamburg-born player, currently in rehabilitation after a ligament injury in his right ankle, is aware that not all children are so lucky. “That’s why it’s very important to give something back and help other patients.”

Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the body produces little or no insulin. In the case of type 1, like Zverev’s, patients must inject insulin for their entire lives.

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