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The “best second” vote left Teorema the winner, who earned his place in the Red Bull Batalla International Final as the fourteenth qualifier. With this, Chile will have two competitors on December 10 at the Palacio de Los Deportes in Mexico City, a milestone that has not occurred since the 2016 International in Peru.

Theorem wins the vote of the "second best"
© Red Bull BattleTeorema wins the “best second” vote

Teorema qualified for the Red Bull Batalla 2022 International Final after winning the “best second” vote with 47% of the votes. The cañetino dominated the process from start to finish and will represent Chile together with Jokker in the Palace of Sports in Mexico City the next December 10 in search of the coveted freestyle world title.

The election of the best second of the 2022 season had more than 400,000 votes and the Chilean led it with 47% of the elections. they followed him from far away the Colombian Valles-T with 24%, the Mexican Skipper with 16%, the Argentine CTZ with 7% and the Spanish Tirpa with 3%.. These four MC’s will meet in a home run on December 2 to define the last participant of the International Final.

The last and only time that Chile had two freestylers in an International Final was in 2016 in Peru with Tom Crowley (world runner-up) and Drose (national champion of that year). And in an unprecedented way, our country could have three competitors, but to do so sage must win the World of Squares that will be held on Saturday, November 26 in Mexico.

Teorema will finally have his great opportunity to carry the national flag in a Red Bull Batalla International Final and together with Jokker they will fight to bring the champion belt to Chile for the first time in history. It should be remembered that Kaiser (2014) and Tom Crowley (2015) have the best participations of Chile in an International with runners-up.

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